A Red Laurel to My Emperor

A Red Laurel to My Emperor

Red Laurel Flowers to My Emperor; 私の皇帝に真っ赤なローリエの花を; 红色月桂花献给我的陛下; 나의 황제께 붉은 월계수 꽃을
Laurel Neales, the first princess of Tortia, has been married off to the emperor of Kairos following a political feud that ended with the assassination of her parents. Undiscouraged by the circumstances, Laurel refuses to give in to becoming yet another of the emperor's concubines. Instead, she plays along with his romantic whims and gains her own form of power in this new life by proposing an offer he cannot refuse: to facilitate his conquest of the land that betrayed her.

**Original Webtoon:**
KakaoPage, Daum

**Official Translations:**
English, Japanese, S.Chinese

The unparalleled daughter of a god of war, Loel Neares, the first princess of Tortia. She lost both her parents and got married as if she was being sold to the enemy country Kairos. But it was all her 'choice'. First night with Emperor Kairos.

“I will offer you my homeland, the Tortias of the North,” she told Ethan Kairos, the golden-eyed emperor in front of her, while offering a risky ‘trade’.
Status: OnGoing
Authors: Yeona
Published: 2M ago
Translation: Jay (Soy Media)
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