My Boss's Perfect Wedding

My Boss's Perfect Wedding

A Flawless Wedding; Menikah Saja Sendiri; 完全無欠の結婚式; 완전무결한 웨딩; Perfect Wedding
“A wedding without a bride?”

As a father's desperate measures for his son who is a workaholic and has no interest in the opposite sex
The CEO of Taesung Group, Tae Moo-jin, whose wedding date was suddenly set without a bride.

“If CEO Tae Moo-jin can’t find a bride by the time of the wedding, will the wedding be canceled?”

It was his secretary, Cheon Soo-yeon, who caught fire at the wedding without a bride.
The moment I was wandering around looking for a bride for the president I had a crush on for 9 years,
A car accident leaves her father in a coma and causes her to quit her job as a secretary.

After leaving her sick father behind and even her older brother disappearing, in order to save her father's company 'Gaon'
She goes to find the most perfect boss in the world she knows, Taemujin... … . MTL

**Original Novel:**
Naver Series, KakaoPage

**Original Webtoon:**
Naver Series, KakaoPage, Ridi, Bomtoon, BookCube, Comico, Peanutoon, MrBlue

**Official Translations:**
English, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese
Status: OnGoing
Published: 2M ago
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