My Ex-Husband Became the Male Lead

My Ex-Husband Became the Male Lead

Jeonnampyeoni Namjuga Doen Geose Gwanhayeo; 전남편이 남주가 된 것에 관하여; The Cure for Passion; 元夫が主人公の世界に転生しました
Lena Cornelli was executed along with her husband, whose rebellion failed. She reincarnated as "Asha Bliss", a side character who was a mage in a novel she enjoyed reading.

While she was living as quiet as a mouse without tampering with the original novel, she was commissioned by "Kaligo Etos", the strongest person in the Karahan Empire as well as the male lead of the novel, for an aphrodisiac one day.

"Kaligo, what are you doing here?"

Her surprise at the familiar face only lasted for a moment—

"May I touch you like this?"

In contrast to the previous indifference, he got straight to the point without fear. What in the world happened to her once austere and indifferent ex husband? Their marriage was awful in their previous life, but could it be different in this one?
Status: OnGoing
Published: 2M ago
Translation: Solbit (솔빛)
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