My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path

My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path

Namdongsaeng-i Ggochgil-eul Gang-yohanda; 弟弟逼著我走花路; Namdongsaengi Kkotgireul Gangyohanda; 남동생이 꽃길을 강요한다; My Younger Brother Paved my Flower Path; My Younger Brother Paved my Road to Success; Brother Knows Best
When I was reincarnated, I only wanted to live happily with my one and only younger brother. But the problem is, my younger brother, who will do anything for my sake, gave me the crown off the head of the tyrant who was the Emperor just up until yesterday.

"I'll make the continent kneel at your feet, Sister!"

...At this rate, before becoming the first Empress to unify the continent, I might die from overwork. And so, I decided to bring in a pushover--I mean, a husband--who is good at doing work, but...

The Duke of Derhardt is called the monster of the North. He's compatible with his brother-in-law and is the Crazy-Bastard-No-2 who also dreams of unification.

Ha... these punks really....
Status: OnGoing
Authors: Hylain
Published: 2M ago
Translation: Studio Weiib
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