The Duchess of the Glass House

The Duchess of the Glass House

ガラスの温室の公爵夫人; 유리온실의 공작 부인; Duchess of the Glass Greenhouse; Yurionsir-ui Gongjang Buin; Duchess in the Glass House; 琉璃温室的公爵夫人; 玻璃溫室的公爵夫人; ดัชเชสแห่งเรือนกระจก; La Duchesse de la serre en verre
Reina was born in a highly noble family and became the wife of Duke Heathville. However, rather than happiness, she ultimately died miserably, her husband despised her and even her child was taken away from her. Yet, in her final moments, when Reina finally gave up on everything… she was given a second chance.

"This time, I won’t turn a blind eye to whatever I see!"

Reina summoned her courage and began to live her second life.

"Edhart, I know everything now, and I hate you."

Reina realizes now how ignorant she had been in the past.

“I’m going to divorce you.”

Even the husband that she once loved.


Her husband, who she thought had despised her, was crying.

Rayna Vinosht was always known as the cursed one. Unloved by her father, she’s married off to the handsome Duke Edgar Heathvilian, but he soon becomes cold to her, taking away her son, and giving him to the seductive Monica Espert. But Rayna has a second chance at life thanks to Ondine, an adorable water spirit, who forms a contract with her. Soon Rayna has supernatural powers and the confidence to rule over her estate like a strong duchess, but what will happen now that Edgar is falling in love with her?

**Original Webtoon:** Daum, KakaoPage

**Official Translations:**
* English
* Chinese (Simplified) / 汉语
* Chinese (Traditional) / 漢語
* Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia
* Japanese / 日本語
* Thai / ภาษาไทย
Status: OnGoing
Authors: Tangni
Published: 2M ago
Translation: Gong Gial
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