Wo Shi Zhizun Da Fanpai

Wo Shi Zhizun Da Fanpai

I Am the Supreme Villain; Wǒ Shì Zhìzūn Dà Fǎnpài; 我是至尊大反派
He crossed over and became the royal son of the Sun Immortal Dynasty.

He has a Dao bone and outstanding talent.

At the age of three, he took away someone else’s dao bone, at the age of eight, he seized the qi of a dynasty, at the age of thirteen, he ruined the father of a protagonist…

Wait, wrong wrong wrong!

I’m not a loser, I’m the bully!

What kind of trope is this. hehe!

What if I get into a fight with the son of luck? wait and find out, coming soon!
Status: OnGoing
Authors: 奇文文化
Published: 7M ago
Translation: 奇文文化
Views: 2,994
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